07 JanVCP 2013 Workshop: Denominational Structures that Sustain Disciple Making

Led by:

Bishop Graham Cray
A shift of emphasis requires a change of structures, many of them having been designed for other contexts. The aim of this workshop is to learn how others have tackled this problem, and what solutions they are discovering, so that our structures can sustain and encourage disciple making over the long haul.

This workshop was offered to those registered in

Track A: Bishops and Diocesan Executives 

For the purposes of Track A, we define denominational executives as an Anglican Bishop, Executive Archdeacon, Archdeacon, Diocesan Staff with a missional portfolio, and their equivalents in other denominations. We are thrilled when parish clergy and pioneers actively engage in mission through other diocesan roles, but we invite them to join Track B or C.


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