22 NovVCP 2014 Workshop: Church in Urban reDevelopment

Milton Friesen presented Church in Urban (re)Development as a workshop at VCP 2014.

Urban growth rate is on the rise in Canada. The aim of this workshop is to explore the broad principles of participating in civic life while using the case study of Mississauga and Calgary for establishing space for churches as urban centres are developed. 

This workshop was offered Friday afternoon only to those registered in

Track A: Bishops and Diocesan Executives 

For the purposes of Track A, we define denominational executives as an Anglican Bishop, Executive Archdeacon, Archdeacon, Diocesan Staff with a missional portfolio, and their equivalents in other denominations. We are thrilled when parish clergy and pioneers actively engage in mission through other diocesan roles, but we invite them to join Track B or C.

Resources from the leader:

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